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Friday, May 1, 2015

Judges 9:7 (May 1st)

Quiet Time Nugget:

Thank God for His mercies.  He sends us leaders that come to tell us what God has for us.  It appears that the Men of Shechem were busy in their own thoughts and talking that someone had to re-direct them.  This man, Jotham, wanted to bring to the men what God had for them; he had to cry aloud.  He had to persuade them to give him patient and listen.
We should not have to have someone tell us to stop and listen to God.  If we are following his word, we should do that automatically.  Unfortunately, with all the everyday things that we deal with we forget to be quiet and listen to God.  Let us stop, wait and listen to God.  He had great things for us.

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