365 Daily Readings (OT and NT)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book of Psalm

Hello and Welcome:

You are probably wondering why I have not chosen to illustrate the book of Psalm yet  (I will!) - well it is because  I am waiting to see how this 1st part of the journey goes.  It is a lot of work creating 2 illustrations daily.  If you do the math, that will be 365 (OT verses for a year) + 365 (NT verses for a year) = 730 whew!

I plan to do the book of Psalms next year, April 2016, those are my plans but only God will tell!

I need your support - please continue to pray that I can make it to the end.
Please continue to send me those words of encouragement.
And most importantly continue reading the word of the Lord which is our daily bread and spread the gospel to other by telling them to join me in my journey!

God Bless You

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Materials List

If you are like me:  do not have a lot of money to spend on all these different materials and/or have no idea on how to use many of the tools and artsy stuff that is out there; then you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of the VERY BASIC SIMPLE materials you need:

1. Bible (Any bible is fine but you really need a wide margin to be able to draw and write the verse).
     I purchased ESV Journaling Bible (by Crossway).  I have the single column.
If you do NOT want buy a new bible then get some plain paper or card stock and cut them 2 x 6 and make bookmakers that you can insert into your bible or give away as gifts - spread the gospel.

2. Black Pen (I use Zig Writers and sometimes Pilot G-2)

3. Color Pencils (I use Prismacolors and if am away from home I use Crayola)

4. Pencil Sharpener

5. Mechanical Pencil (I use 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 depends on the details) but any pencil works fine.

6. Eraser (I prefer white because pink tend to leave a pinkish hue on the bible)

7. Ruler (I have a little 6" - because it is easier to use and carry)

8. Notebook (used for practicing my spacing, lettering, and drawings)

9. Plain Paper (make sure it is acid free) (any color you want - I use white or cream it is easier to see your drawings and writing)

10. Glue Stick (I use Elmer's, Scotch,  or UHU)  make sure it is acid free)

11. ***If I see stickers or other ephemera that helps illustrate what I am reading I will be using those on occasions.

NOTE: I draw the verse on paper and glue it to those pages that I have a verse on the back already NOT because the pen bleeds but because I just do not want to see the other side's shadows (imprint).
             Also, if you make a mistake you can draw it on paper and glue it to cover your mistakes.

(That is all for now… Ruby)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daily Sheet

What is Ruby's Daily Sheet?

This is where I doodle what I want to do on the margins of my Bible.  I do this page in pencil because I erase a lot.  I divide my sheet into different parts; here are some of the different parts I use sometimes:

DATE = This date matches the One Year Bible Reading Plan that is in the back of the bible or you can pick a reading plan online at:  http://www.esvbible.org/ 
I did not put the year because I want this to be available to anyone for many years.

DAY BOX = This box is empty and available for anyone who wants to copy my daily sheet and number them in their own way.

READ = This is the scripture of the day that I read.  I get it from the back of the Bible or you can get it from the reading plan you picked online at:   http://www.esvbible.org/

VERSE = This is the specific scripture verse I chose to illustrate on the margin.  It is the one verse that spoke to me in a special way.  **You do NOT have to illustrate the same verse I did but if you do, I am okay with that, you can copy everything I did, it is not copyrighted.
       Important note:  If my drawing or lettering look like someone else's art work online, it is not intentional because I am doing my own creations and ideas and you can see my thoughts on my daily sheets.

BREAKDOWN = This is where I plan how to breakdown the verse and figure out how many lines I need which then helps me space out my work on the margin.

CIRCLE KEYWORDS =  Sometimes I circle keywords that I want to emphasize by either coloring them, making them bigger or both.

DRAWINGS = This is where I practice, practice, and practice my drawing (if I have one) and I scribble the colors I want to use.  If you see PC and a number, PC means Prismacolor and the number the company assigned to it.  I'm doing very simple drawings.  My whole purpose in this journey is to give those who have not artistic talent the opportunity to art journal on their Bible's margins.  If you really can't draw or make a mistake, you can always find a little picture - cut and paste it.
LETTERING = This is where I practice, practice, and practice the style of letter I want to use.  I count and divide by 2 to find the center of my words or phrases so that things look pleasing to the eye when I do my final draft.  I try to do very simple letters but I do have a few fancy that I like - just practice you never know.

Other items I use that are NOT on the daily sheet:

TEMPLATE = I took a piece of colored card-stock and made a template that I use to draw on each of my daily sheets and it allows me to see the exact space I have on the Bible's  margin without having to draw and erase in the Bible itself and messing up or ripping the page.
     Important Note:  There are pages that the margins are bigger than the template so for those pages, I am planning on making a temporary template to use all the space available for the art.  Deli paper is great for tracing shapes and cutting different odd shaped templates.

NUGGEST FROM MY QUIET TIME:  These will be online only.  They are going to be short and sweet.  It is basically my thoughts of what the Lord spoke to my heart.  They will NOT be available all the time because I want God to speak to you, not me.

P.S. Please excuse my grammar and spelling and if you have any suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

God Bless You

I belong to…. (Inside front cover)

This is what I did to the page that has my personal information.

***It is very important that you write your name inside your Bible.  Make sure to add either your address and phone number or both.  If it gets lost - hopefully a good samaritan will return it to you.


Check out my blog everyday for a new verse.

Favorite Verse (Inside Front Cover)

One of the many Bible verses that I like is illustrated in the inside cover of my Bible.  Enjoy!

 Check out my blog for daily reading.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Bible Art Journaling Journey - FREE - NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY

Hello and Welcome to my blog:

This is my new journey (of course one of many).  I love art and I love reading the Bible so why not combine both.
I will not bore you with a lot of writing because I know that if you are like me you want to see the art.

This is my plan:

  1. I am going to follow the "One Year Bible Reading Plan" that is in the back of the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible from Crossway or you can visit http://www.esvbible.org  for more information if you do not have their bible yet - IT IS FREE to register.
  2. Everyday after I read, study, and most importantly spend sometime listening to what God wants to say to me…I am going to "illustrate 2 verses" one from the reading of the day from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.
  3. Please join me…leave your comments…and remember to tell others.
  4. All this is free but please do give me credit for all the hard work if you want to copy it.

The 5 W's:

What:  I will illustrate daily - one verse from the Old Testament and one verse from the New Testament.


Who:  Available to anyone that loves to study the bible and does NOT need to have any art skills AND does want to be able to continue using the bible and paint or stickers have not covered the words.

How:  This is the easiest part, follow the daily sheets (if you want) and start illustrating the margins of your bible - no experience is necessary.  I only draw in the margins!!!! 

Materials: (very basic that you probably have at home already)

***I do not believe in buying lots of different expensive materials because my main purpose is to spend time reading and listening to what God has to say.

1. ESV Journaling Bible (by Crossway)   I have single column but they have double column and there are other bibles with wide margins for journaling pick your favorite)  If you do not have the money to buy a new bible just get plain paper or cardstock and cut them 2 x 6 and make bookmakers that you can insert inside your bible or share with others.
2. Black Pen* I will be using "Zig Writers" or "Pilot G-2" size 0.7 - that you can purchase anywhere.
3. *You can purchase the above pens in an assortment of colors and use them too!
4. Color Pencils (I have Prismacolors, others like Crayola work fine).
5. Pencil sharpener - I have a small one I carry and electric at home - doesn't matter - both work fine.
6. Pencil - I prefer mechanical pencils - any size - I use 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 - depends what I am drawing.
7. Eraser  - I prefer white.
8. Notebook - used for practicing my spacing, lettering, and drawings.
9. Ruler
10. Paper and Glue Stick - I will write the scripture on paper and glue it because it helps cover that backside of some of the pages - not because the pen bleeds but because I just do not want to see the other sides shadows. 
11. Stickers or other ephemera might be used if seem appropriate! 


I will NOT be recording any of my illustrations because if you are like me - having internet data plans cost a lot and you might not have a lot of "band, megabites, gigabites" (sorry do not know the proper terminology) to keep playing over and over again how to create an illustration.  I will post a daily sheet detailing the process I took to create the illustration in my own handwriting and if you have any questions PLEASE let me know and I can make updates!


"Scripture quotations are from ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission.  All rights reserved."

Hope you can join me (click on follower) - it is going to be fun!


Friday, March 20, 2015

All Around the Bible

Of course there is no way that I am going to leave the outside of the Bible without any art.  Here is what I did to the Bible.  Before and after pictures.  Enjoy.
P.S.  I will NOT be painting the cover of my Bible because I like the way the leather looks.
Finished View

The Rest of the outside of the Bible

Before Botton View
After Bottom View
Before Top View

After Top View

Do you see why I do not want to color the leather!

 Check out the rest of the blog for daily verses.

Permission "inchies" Page

What is a "permission 'inchies' page"?

As a school educator, I have to give my student permission sheets to take home for an assortment of things like: field trip, can I take your picture?, can I video you?, etc.  As I began to pray and prepare myself for this journey (spreading the gospel with my Bible Art Journaling Blog) I thought of making the inside cover of the back of the bible a "Permission Page".
I decided to write in little 1x1 (inchies) a permission and glue it.  This allows me to add more permissions as time goes by.  You can make them colorful.  I kept my one color.  The options are endless.
How to get started:
1. Grab a blank sheet and "brainstorm" all of your ideas (you are welcomed to use some of mine).
2. Continue to ask yourself: What do I give myself permission to do in my Bible?
3. After you have at least 10, write them on inchies or directly to the back of your Bible or any other creative way you can imagine.

Here is the final copy inside the back cover of my Bible

Other photos of the process…
Close Up of the left side back cover

Close Up of the right side inside cover

Used a 1" x 1" paper puncher and parchment paper

Blank page and planning

Check out the rest of the blog for daily verses.

Pinterest Board Cover

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