365 Daily Readings (OT and NT)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1 Corinthians 7:17 (May 5th)

Quiet Time Nugget:

Lead the life that God has assigned you.  If you are not sure of what it is, ask God for guidance.  Remember God wants to bless you but you must obey.  God wants to use you for His glory but you must follow Him.  Is there something that has been in your heart for a very long time but you have not done nothing about it?  Ask God to guide you, give you a sign (or two or three).  God understands our fears and cautions.  He will never put you in a situation where you are going to look like a fool and fail miserably.  Trust in Him and do as the scripture says today: lead the life that God has assigned you and which He has called you.  Do it, get that blessing - it will be a blessing far better than what you were expecting.

Bible Art:

Ruby's Daily Sheet:

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God Bless You


  1. I know that you are probably doing this blog for your own benefit, but I sure enjoy checking in to see what you are doing!

    1. Thank you for checking in on me…it has been a crazy week and I was behind in my drawings but still reading my Bible. Thank you for your encouragement. God Bless You Sherry you are so sweet.