365 Daily Readings (OT and NT)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Romans 7:25 (April 26th)

Quiet Time Nugget:

Thanks be to God. Who will deliver us from this body of death?  The Lord Jesus has already done it.  We are to respond to the feeling of discouragement and failure by reminding ourselves that Jesus Christ died for our sin and He forgives us constantly.  Our feelings must be of thankfulness for all He has done. We are no longer under the law described in the old testament.  Now we are free children of God, living normal human lives.  We have his power within us and although sometimes we do not feel that power, to say,"No!" and walk away from those things that can cause us to fall into temptations.  If it wasn't for His mercies we would not be here.  So again thank Him God through Jesus Christ our Lord our Savior.

Bible Art:

Ruby's Daily Sheet:

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God Bless You

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