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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Acts 18:9 (April 12th)

Quiet Time Nugget:

Many of us are afraid to tell others that; "Jesus Lives," "Repent of your sins," "He is coming soon to save us," etc.  The Bible tells us not to be afraid and not to be silent because He is with you and no one will attack you.  God does not lie.  God is almighty.  God has never gone back on a promise.  So if you have been wondering and doubting how to speak to probably a co-worker, your boss, your spouse, do not be afraid, He will protect you just be obedient.  There are so many ways to share the gospel.  I just love how the internet has made it so easy.  Take for example this blog, tell your friends about it and point to them those verses that speak on salvation.  God will do the rest.

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